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Welcome to the Firstbeat Materials Download section. These materials are intended for Firstbeat partners and service providers. You can find an array of Firstbeat logos, images of Firstbeat products and brochures to use in your website and presentations.

Please note that all materials must be in connection with Firstbeat products and Firstbeat related service processes. They should not be used out of context or edited in a way that changes the content. By downloading these materials, you consent to Firstbeat Partner Brand Guidelines.

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Firstbeat Brand Materials

Brand Guidelines


Bodyguard 2 Device Images

Download zip



Print (pdf, eps): Download zip
Web (jpg, png): Download zip

NEW: Firstbeat Certified Provider banner for web

Download banner

Heart Rate Variability Images

Download zip

Lifestyle Assessment Service Provider Kit


Embed to your website via YouTube. Download the videos for offline use here.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Game!
Introduce Lifestyle Assessment to your clients in a fun way and send them a link to play the Lifestyle Assessment game. Play here

Printable Files


Resilient Workforce Creates Results
See the example

A holistic Approach to Wellbeing
See the example

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Supporting Modern Workforce Guide
See the example

Wellness Guide
See the example

Smart Wellness Coaching Guide
See the example

Roll-Up Banners and Cardboard Pop-ups

See example images: Roll-up and pop-up

Lifestyle Assessment roll-up banner “Find the Balance”: Download
Lifestyle Assessment cardboard pop-ups: Download zip

Marketing Images

Measurement & Feedbackmaterials-download-pic

Young & Sporty – Female model

Occupational Health – Male modelmkt_example

Report images

Print & web: Download zip

Corporate Projects


Lifestyle Assessment Benefits for Businesses: Download ppt

Recruiting Lifestyle Assessment Participants 

This material is designed for recruiting Lifestyle Assessment participants from a company that has purchased the service

Producing Reference Stories

Firstbeat Sports Kit


Take a look at our videos on YouTube.

Printable Files

Sports Brochure

See the example. Available in multiple languages. For a printed version, please contact

Roll-Up Banners

Roll-up banners (printable files): Download zip

Marketing Images


Ice hockey

Male model wearing a Bodyguard 2 and a heart rate belt

Sports hardware images 

Sports software images

Producing Reference Stories

Templates for creating case stories: Download zip