Firstbeat Life - Group-Level Results

Firstbeat Life Group Reports Now From a Period of Your Choice

Firstbeat Life group reporting tool provides a regular status check of Firstbeat Life results at group level – making it easy to monitor the development of a group’s wellness status and make comparisons between teams and time periods.

Group reporting helps identify aspects of well-being that weaken health and performance, recognize possible risks and react early. The report also allows you to monitor the effectiveness of conducted actions.

Now you can create the report as needed, for example, monthly, before a scheduled group meeting or at the end of a project. You can also create the report from smaller groups (<7 people), but please be aware of data privacy and make sure that individuals cannot be identified from the group result.


  • Recognize aspects of well-being (at group level) that can have a negative effect on health and performance.
  • Target wellness-supporting actions for specific groups.
  • Make better, data-driven decisions and avoid health problems caused by excessive load.

Keep an Eye on The Key Results

Summary of factors that affect the group’s wellness and health

  • Overall score of the group’s wellness status and distributions within the group. Comparison to the large Firstbeat wellness database.
  • Helps monitor the group’s wellness development and ensure that employees are on the right path. Allows comparison between groups, teams and organizations.

Group status – Intervene early to address increased risk of overload

  • Group status shows how the group members are distributed to different risk categories. You can see how many people are in the high-risk category (when it comes to excessive load or well-being).
  • You can also see how many people have received a notification about poor recovery or a health check recommendation.
  • If you have a Specialist role, it’s easy to filter and find the people who have received Notifications. You can do this in the Firstbeat Life Admin tool, under the People view.
  • React early and reduce the risk of overload and burnout.

Identify the root causes of wellness problems and target your actions right.

  • More detailed results on the key variables of well-being: stress & recovery balance, sleep, physical activity and perceived well-being.
  • This allows you to recognize aspects of well-being that weaken health and performance for each group, so you can plan targeted action points to reduce risks.