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NEW: Firstbeat Life Tasks for Your Customer Work

Utilise these Firstbeat Life Tasks in your customer work.

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Firstbeat Life Example Cases and Recommendations

We have compiled a series of real-life Firstbeat Life Example cases and results in videos to help you learn more about the information accessible with Firstbeat Life, understand the conclusions drawn from these results, and explore the recommended action points.

Watch video: case exhausted manager

Watch video: case busy mum

Watch video: case intensive evenining exercise and sleep 

Watch video: case balanced day

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How-to-Guide: Utilizing Physiological Data in Health and Wellness Coaching

Download our guide to learn ideas for training programs and how health and wellness professionals have integrate Firstbeat Life seamlessly into their services.


How-to-Guide: Utilizing  Physiological Data in Fitness Coaching

Download our guide to learn ideas for training programs and how fitness professionals can integrate Firstbeat Life seamlessly into their services.


Resting Heart Rate - How to Utilize It?

How to Utilize Heart Rate Information in Firstbeat Life? Resting heart rate is a key component in detecting stress and recovery as part of the Firstbeat Life™ service. Read more how it works on the Firstbeat blog.


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Making Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Functional Wellness Specialist Erik van den Top will provide practical strategies and useful insights that he has used with his clients for long-term success. The webinar is hosted by Firstbeat’s Master Trainer Tiina Hoffman. 

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User Highlight: How Saga Performance Uses Firstbeat Life to Help High Performance Coaching Clients

“We created a program called The Resilience Program. That is usually a four to six month program depending on the situation. We normally do two Firstbeat measurements, before and after”

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