How Lifestyle Assessment Center+ Works?

E-mail invitation

Your client’s assessment is initiated in the Lifestyle Assessment platform by sending the client an e-mail invitation to participate in the assessment. You can choose the sending date and how long the invitation is valid, which determines how much time the client has to order the measurement device.

See what the e-mail invitation looks like and see the ordering page, where clients are redirected from the invitation link.

See how to send an e-mail invitation to an individual:

See how to send an e-mail invitation to a group:

Order on behalf of your client

The service provider can also order the Lifestyle Assessment from the Firstbeat Center on behalf of the client to individuals or groups. To do this, find a specific order form at, where you can place the order with your Lifestyle Assessment credentials. You can also access the website directly from the Lifestyle Assessment Home page, by clicking the Center Order Form tab. The service provider can choose the delivery address and, if desired, specify the shipment date.

Use the Order on behalf you client -feature for example in these cases:

  • Client project starts with a kick-off session. Order all the measurement devices to yourself and distribute them to participants during the kick-off.
  • If you want to minimize the steps that your client must do, or the client is not able to place the device order by him/herself.
  • If you know the participant’s name, email and delivery address.

Reminders of unreturned measurement devices

Devices shipped from the Firstbeat Center are tracked. We also track device returns and the time when assessments are started. If necessary, our system will send a reminder to the client about starting the measurement or about returning the device promptly.

How can I utilize my web shop?

You can also sell Lifestyle Assessments from your own web shop. When a client places an order in our web shop, the order is automatically forwarded to the Firstbeat Center to ship the device, as well as to the Lifestyle Assessment platform, where a new client profile is created.

Contact and tell us if you are interested in this! We are happy to tell more.

Marketing materials

Do you need Firstbeat-related images to your website or brochures to support your Lifestyle Assessment sales and to tell about it to your customers? What about an Introduction video about the Lifestyle Assessment to be embedded on your website? We offer electronic marketing materials that are easy to download and can be utilized as part of your own marketing actions. See our offering and choose the ones that suit you best from Marketing material download.

Do you need physical materials, for example brochures, flyers, posters or other materials? Contact and we will help you choose the right ones for you.

In case of problems

Please contact our support if you have any questions or need assistance.