Lifestyle Assessment Center+

Save time by using the Firstbeat Center.
Execute Lifestyle Assessment projects even for large groups efficiently,
without investment on measurement devices or time to manage the devices.
As a Center+ client you get analyzed reports straight to your account.

Firstbeat Center is specialized in delivering measurement devices for clients who are participating in the Lifestyle Assessment as well as uploading the measurement data from the returned devices. The Center has been established to make the execution of Lifestyle Assessment projects more efficient and speedy for our service providers.

Order Assessments for Your Clients Easily

By using the Firstbeat Center, you can choose from two different options for sending Lifestyle Assessment invitations to your clients, whichever suits your project best. The Center receives your order and sends devices to the delivery address. The client conducts the assessment and returns the device in a return envelope back to the Center, where measurement data is uploaded from the device to the Lifestyle Assessment platform. You will receive a notification as soon as the analyzed report is available, and the only thing you need to do is give feedback to your client.

The Firstbeat Center delivery area covers shipping in Finland, Sweden, the UK and the US. Please contact us about deliveries to other countries.


How Assessments Are Organized?

Firstbeat Center gives you the possibility to choose from two options for sending the Lifestyle Assessment invitation to your client.

End-client orders him/herself

Email invitation

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How can I utilize my web shop?
Lifestyle Assessment can also be sold directly from your web shop. Read more →

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reminder of unreturned measurement devices
Devices shipped from the Firstbeat Center are tracked. We also track device returns and the time when assessments are started. Read more →

In case of problems
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