Firstbeat Life Partner Clinic August 24, 2023
How to Take Full Advantage of the Firstbeat Life Admin Tool
Eetu Tuovinen, Firstbeat
Nina Hakkarainen, Firstbeat

In this Firstbeat Life Partner Clinic, you will get a proper introduction to your Firstbeat Life Admin tool. You will learn to monitor your customers’ results and tailor your services based on the data as well as add or modify customer accounts.

Firstbeat Life Partner Clinic June 15, 2023
Physical Workload Report
Tiina Hoffman, Firstbeat

The new physical workload report, available for the Specialist users in the Firstbeat Life Admin tool, helps evaluate workload in physically heavy jobs and industries. The report shows, for example, what the average and maximal workload is during the workday and during specific work tasks and provides notifications if physical workload risk limits are exceeded. This tool has been especially developed for the occupational healthcare sector and professionals working with clients in physically demanding jobs. During the clinic, we will cover the main features of the report and discuss how to make the most of it.

Firstbeat Life Training April 13, 2023
Utilizing Physiological Data in Coaching
Tiina Hoffman, Firstbeat
Nigel Stockill, Firstbeat

Are you getting started with Firstbeat Life and hoping to get examples of when to measure and how to utilize Firstbeat Life results more effectively in your coaching? In this training, we will cover the highlights of the Firstbeat Life result and discuss what action points can be planned based on different results. We will also provide examples of how to package the service and how professionals in different fields can apply physiological data as part of their coaching. You will have a chance to ask questions from Firstbeat trainers and discuss topics that you want to learn more about.

Firstbeat Life Partner Clinic April 4, 2023
Updated Group Reporting Feature
Tiina Hoffman, Firstbeat

Benefits of group reporting:

– Recognize aspects of well-being that weaken health and performance at work (at group level).
– Target your wellness-supporting actions for each group / team.
– Make better data-driven decisions to avoid health & performance risks.

Firstbeat Life Partner Clinic December 15, 2022
Medicines and illnesses in Firstbeat Life measurements
Tiina Hoffman, Firstbeat

How can medications and illnesses affect the client’s Firstbeat Life result and how should you account for that in the coaching discussion with your client?