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What's New with Firstbeat Life?

NEW: Firstbeat Life Tasks for Your Customer Work

Utilise these Firstbeat Life Tasks in your customer work. Access this material via Firstbeat Academy site.

Firstbeat Academy site – take me there


Firstbeat Life Example Cases and Recommendations

We have compiled a series of real-life Firstbeat Life Example cases and results in videos to help you learn more about the information accessible with Firstbeat Life, understand the conclusions drawn from these results, and explore the recommended action points. You can access them via Firstbeat Academy section.

Firstbeat Academy site – take me there

Improvements to Firstbeat Life Admin: Start New Measurement Projects Easily

What’s New?

  • More intuitive approach: We’ve redesigned the Firstbeat Life Admin home view based on customer feedback to be more user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Simple steps to add new end-users straight from the home view

Please check out this video, where our CSM Eetu goes through the new features.
Download the quick guide. Print it out and keep it at your workstation as a reminder.

You Can Now View Your Client’s Results Even After Their Firstbeat Life License Has Expired

You can now access your customer’s results in the Firstbeat Life Admin system even if their license has expired. This enables you to, for example, give feedback to your customer after the license has expired. However, for you to see their results after the license expires, your customer must agree to the new terms. Here’s the instructions to pass on to your client:

– Open the Firstbeat Life mobile app and go to Profile -> Settings -> Privacy -> Manage your consents.

– The validity restriction for the duration of the measurement license has been removed from the consent text, so please delete the old consent and provide it again to accept the updated terms.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have questions. customersuccess@firstbeat.com

You Can Now Analyze the Workload of Physically Demanding Jobs with Our New ‘Physical Workload’ Report

Aimed at occupational physiotherapists, it provides tools to verify if:

  • Physical workload is too heavy for the participant’s fitness level?
  • The average workload during the workday or workload peaks exceed the risk limits?
  • Some work tasks are too heavy?

Starting from now, you can find the report inside a participant’s measurement report. If you wish to learn more, watch our partner clinic recording here or don’t hesitate to contact us at customersuccess@firstbeat.com